Awareness Raising on Water Footprint

WDRG researches have taken part in the Wonderwater initiative, an awareness raising programme aiming to inform Finnish citizens about global water issues. The current campaign was focusing on the water footprint concept. Wonderwater produced posters visualising the water footprint of typical Finnish dishes in order to raise awareness of the water consumption of everyday foods. As a part of a data visualisation campaign produced for World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, these posters are displayed for two weeks around central Helsinki.

Last weekend Wonderwater and WWF Finland also organized an awareness raising activity called Frozen Lights. In central Helsinki, some of the leading Finnish designers were given a 150 l block of ice – representing our domestic water footprint – which they used to create ice lanterns. People seemed to be enjoying the artwork and beautifully lit square – despite the freezing -20 C temperature!

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The big ice block represents the daily water footprint of a Finn – almost 4000 litres.