NexusAsia research project started!

Aalto University’s Water & Development Research Group has been awarded a 2-year research project by the Academy of Finland.

The project is called ‘Water-energy-food nexus: a cross-sectoral analysis of large Asian river basins’ (NexusAsia), and it seeks to look at in analytical and cross-sectoral manner the management of water and related natural resources in large Asian river basins, with a focus on transboundary settings shared by several countries. As the name implies, the conceptual starting point will be the water-energy-food (security) nexus approach that focuses on the interconnections between water, food and energy and their related security aspects.

More information from the project webpage.

Two new appointments: Matti Kummu & Marko Keskinen

There has been some recent changes among the researchers within the Water & Development Research Group:

Matti Kummu was appointed in June 2013 as Assistant Professor for Water & Environmental Engineering Research Group. His research focuses on the linkages between human actions and water resources at different spatial scales, from local to global. More information from his personal webpages.

Marko Keskinen started as a University Lecturer on Water Engineering in August 2013. Marko’s teaching responsibilities will at the beginning include two Bachelor level courses and one Master’s level course, and he also coordinates the planning of the new Master’s Program on Water & Environmental Engineering. More information on these from his webpages.