Water-energy-food nexus seminar on Thursday 25.2

Time: Thursday 25.2.2016 at 14.15-16.00

Place: Seminar room 287, 2nd floor of Water Building, Tietotie 1E, Espoo

Water, energy and food are the key prerequisites for our existence: there is no life without them. They are also closely linked, with water acting commonly as an enabler and, in the areas of water scarcity, limiter for food and energy production. Food production uses globally a great majority of the consumptive water use, while several energy production types are dependent on water. The water, food and energy nexus provides an analytical tool, governance framework and an emerging discourse for understanding and managing the nexus sectors and their relationships.NexusSeminar

The seminar discussed these different dimensions of the nexus, with following agenda:

  • Welcome words, Professor Riku Vahala, Aalto University
  • Keynote Presentation: The water-energy-food nexus ̶ Couplings and conflicts, Professor emeritus Gustaf Olsson, Lund University, Sweden (presentation)
  • General discussion on water-energy-food nexus

Thank you for Professor Olsson for inspiring and informative keynote, and for all participants for lively discussions!