Seminar with Professor Arjen Hoekstra on water footprint assessment 16.6

Water & Development Research Group has an honour to host a seminar on water footprint assessment on THURSDAY 16.6.2016 at 10.00 at the Aalto University, Tietotie 1E, Otaniemi (building #34 in Otaniemi Campus Map).

The seminar starts with keynote lecture on ‘Water footprint assessment: An evolving research field’ by professor Arjen Hoekstra, who is the world renowned creator of the water footprint concept and an author of over 300 scientific publications (see his biography below). After the presentation, researchers from the Aalto University’s Water & Development Research Group ( will discuss their recent work and findings on e.g. food and water security, trade and changing diets.

Professor Hoekstra will also act as an opponent in the public examination of the doctoral dissertation of Suvi Sojamo on FRIDAY 17.6.2016 at 12.00 at the Aalto University. The defence will take place in Lecture Hall 123 in Otakaari 1, Otaniemi: entrance is easiest from Alvarinaukio side. The title of the dissertation is ‘Water-using corporations as agents of water security, management and governance – exploring cases from stewardship initiatives in South Africa to global networks of power’. More information as well as the electronic version of the Thesis is available at

Warmly welcome to both events!


Arjen Hoekstra (1967) is Professor in Water Management at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. He holds an MSc degree, cum laude, in Civil Engineering and a PhD degree in Policy Analysis, both from Delft University of Technology. Hoekstra lived in Europe, Asia and Africa and has a broad international network. He has led a variety of interdisciplinary research projects and advised governments, civil society organizations, companies and multilateral institutions like UNESCO and the World Bank.

Hoekstra was the first to quantify the water volumes virtually embedded in trade, thus showing the relevance of a global perspective on water use and scarcity. As creator of the water footprint concept, Hoekstra introduced supply-chain thinking in water management. With the development of Water Footprint Assessment he laid the foundation of a new interdisciplinary research field, addressing the relations between water management, consumption and trade. Hoekstra is founder of the Water Footprint Network, was the organization’s first Science Director and is now Chair of its Supervisory Board.

Hoekstra’s scientific publications cover a wide range of topics related to water management and include a large number of highly cited articles and book chapters. His books were translated into several languages and include The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society (Routledge, 2013), The Water Footprint Assessment Manual (Earthscan, 2011), Globalization of Water (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008) and Perspectives on Water (International Books, 1998). Since April 2016, Hoekstra is Editor-in-Chief of Water, an international and interdisciplinary open-access journal covering all aspects of water, including water science, technology, management and governance.

Hoekstra has been teaching in a variety of subjects, including: water resources management, river basin management, hydrology and water quality, water footprint assessment, sustainable development, natural resources valuation, environmental systems analysis, and policy analysis. He developed various educational tools, including the River Basin Game and the Globalization of Water Role Play.


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