NexusAsia project in AKVA Final Symposium

Our NexusAsia research project (2013-15) is one of the research projects presented at the Academy of Finland’s AKVA Research Programme’s Final Symposium 8.-9.12.2016.

The presentation about our NexusAsia project, entitled ‘Water-Energy-Food Nexus – Who Cares?’ takes place on Thursday 8.12 at 16.15 (see programme). Expect key lessons learned from applying water-energy-food nexus in large Asian river basins as well as discussion about how nexus is planned to be applied in the context of our new SRC-funded Winland research project! And do note that our presentation is followed by another interesting presentation on Legal Measures for Enhancing Water Security by Antti Belinskij of the University of Eastern Finland (and also from Winland project).

(Edit: our presentation is now available here.)

For a glimpse on a what to expect, check out our publications at NexusAsia website, including the following articles:

  • Keskinen, M., Guillaume, J.H.A, Kattelus, Mirja, Porkka, Miina, Räsänen, T.A. & Varis, O. 2016. The Water-Energy-Food Nexus and the Transboundary Context: Insights from Large Asian Rivers, Water, 8(193) doi: 10.3390/w8050193 [pdf]
  • Keskinen, M., Rekolainen, S., Sojamo, S. & Varis, O. 2016. Riskit hallintaan vesi-energia-ruoka –nexuksen avulla? Vesitalous 57(4): 24-26 (4/2016). [pdf]
  • Varis, O. 2014. Curb vast water use in central Asia, Comment, Nature, Vol: 514: 27-29. doi:10.1038/514027a [pdf]

The Academy Research Programme on Sustainable Governance of Aquatic Resources (AKVA, 2012–2016) was launched to support scientific research that contributes to the sustainable management, adequacy and future safety of water and aquatic resources. One of the driving principles behind the programme is interdisciplinarity, which also happens to be the driving force behind our NexusAsia project and, indeed, our entire Water & Development Research Group.

Our NexusAsia project (‘Water-energy-food nexus: a cross-sectoral analysis of large Asian river basins’) looked at in analytical and cross-sectoral manner the management of water and related natural resources in large Asian river basins, with a focus on transboundary settings shared by several countries. Methodological focus of our project was on water-energy-food security nexus, and this work continues in the context of Finland’s comprehensive security under our new Strategic Research Council-funded Winland research project.

For more information about the NexusAsia project and its outcomes, see