Marko Keskinen

Senior University Lecturer, D.Sc. (Tech.)

phone: +358 50 4075171 (office, not mobile)
email: firstname.lastname @

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Main interest in research and teaching:

  • Sustainability, resilience & security
  • Environmental governance
  • Transboundary water management
  • Multi-, cross-, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches
  • Science-policy-stakeholder interactions & team building

On-going and recent research projects:



I lecture and mentor in several other courses as well, including those under Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) programme. I also collaborate with Aalto Ventures Program AVP, and participate in Luma Centre Aalto’s ‘Scientists in Schools’ initiative. I am also a member in AaltoENG’s Teaching Competence Assessment Committee.

I act as an Academic Coordinator for our new Master’s Programme in Water & Environmental Engineering (WAT). Information on how to apply for the Programme here & general information slides (in Finnish) here. Follow our tweets through


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Selected publications:

Haapala, J & Keskinen, M. 2018. Influence of different discourses on the outcomes of development policies and projects: Insights from water project implementation in Nepal, Environmental Policy and Governance, 2018: 1–12. 10.1002/eet.1799 [pdf]

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Julkaisuja suomeksi (publications in Finnish):

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