Suvi Sojamo

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Dr. Suvi Sojamo is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Water and Development Research Group at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. She holds a BSc Degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Helsinki, a MSc Degree in Water: Science and Governance from King’s College London, and a PhD Degree from Aalto University.

Suvi currently coordinates Academy of Finland Strategic Research Council funded research project “From Failand to Winland” which develops future solutions for water, food and energy security in Finland in collaboration with key stakeholders. She is also leading the development and supports the implementation of the Finnish Water Stewardship Commitment (Vesivastuusitoumus), founded by Finnish research institutes, ministries and WWF to challenge companies to assess their water risks and to develop sustainable water use and governance throughout their international value chains.

Suvi’s PhD research explored the agency, i.e. power and legitimacy of the largest water-using corporations in water security, management and governance. She has investigated the world’s largest agribusiness corporations in the context of the global political economy of agro-food value chains and networks; the leading transnational food and beverage corporations engaging in the development of water accounting and disclosure, risk management and stewardship principles and practices; and the corporations from water-intensive sectors engaging in corporate water stewardship initiatives in South Africa.

Alongside her research work, Suvi has been involved in developing guidelines and strategies for sustainable water use and corporate water stewardship both in Finland and internationally, working e.g. for WWF and Water Witness International. She is an experienced facilitator, writer and public speaker having recently collaborated with FIBS, Finsif and Finnish UN Association, among others.


 Main research interests:

  • Sustainable water use
  • Water politics and governance
  • Corporate power and legitimacy in natural resources politics and governance
  • Corporate water stewardship

Selected publications:


Sojamo, S. (2016) Water-using corporations as agents of water security, management and governance – Exploring cases from stewardship initiatives in South Africa to global networks of power. PhD Dissertation. Aalto University. [pdf]

Peer-reviewed articles

Sojamo, S. (2015) Unlocking the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” of Corporate Water Stewardship in South Africa—Exploring Corporate Power and Legitimacy of Engagement in Water Management and Governance. Sustainability, 7:6893-6918 doi:10.3390/su7066893

Sojamo, S. ja Nikula, J. (2015) Yritysten vesivastuullisuudesta ratkaisu globaaliin vesi- ja ruokaturvaan? Vesitalous, (5):13-17. [in Finnish] [pdf]

Sojamo, S. and Larson, E.A. (2012) Investigating food and agribusiness corporations as global water security, management and governance agents: The case of Nestlé, Bunge and Cargill. Water Alternatives, 5(3): 619-635.

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Sojamo, S., Keulertz, M., Warner, J. and Allan, J.A. (2012) Virtual water hegemony: the role of agribusiness in global water governance. Water International, 37(2):169-182. doi: 10.1080/02508060.2012.662734

Stucki, V. and Sojamo, S. (2012) Nouns and Numbers of the
Water–Energy–Security Nexus in Central Asia. International Journal of Water Resources
Development, 28(3):399-418. doi: 10.1080/07900627.2012.684304

Conference papers

Sojamo, S. (2014) Corporate water stewardship in South Africa – exploring corporate agency in water politics and governance. European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, September 3-6 2014 , Glasgow, the UK.

Sojamo, S. (2011) Global governance of water security in agro-food supply chains and  networks – identifying actors in the global political economy. FFRC conference- Trends and Future of Sustainable Development, June 9-10 2011, Tampere, Finland.

Books and book chapters

Sojamo, S., Keskinen, M. ja Kummu, M. (2017) Kestävästi vettä ja ruokaa kaikille. Teoksessa: Suvi Ahola (toim.) Kirjava käsikirja kestävään kehitykseen. Tammi: Helsinki. (in Finnish)

Allan, T., Keulertz, M., Sojamo, S. and Warner, J.(eds.) (2012) Handbook of Land and Water Grabs in Africa – Foreign Direct Investment and Food and Water Security. Routledge: Abingdon and New York.

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Sojamo, S. (2008) Illustrating Co-existing Conflict and Cooperation in the Aral Sea Basin with TWINS- Approach, in (eds.) Rahaman, M.,M, and Varis, O. (2008) Central Asian Waters – Social, economic, environmental and governance puzzle. Water and Development Publications, Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo.


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Sojamo, S., Nikula, J., Wessman, H. and Usva, K. (2012) Vesiriskeistä vesivastuullisuuteen – Katsaus yritysten vesijalanjäljen arviointimenetelmiin ja hyvään hallintaan. WWF-Finland. [pdf] (in Finnish)